What Others Are Saying:

 * Listening to Tim is a holy experience.

 * Engaging.  Perceptive.  Haunting.  Thought provoking. 

 * A warm and inviting testimony to the presence of God in our lives.

 * Tim Quarberg’s music is a breath of fresh air and a welcomed gift to the church.

 * Tim's open, honest and compelling song lyrics capture the reality of our human experience and our spiritual journey.

 * Tim’s presentation of the gospel message is refreshing and creative in so many ways.  His personality, music and shared reflections on the Christian life are both real and down-to-earth. 

 * Tim Quarberg’s music is an honest reflection of the human experience in both the most profound and ordinary ways as they intersect with the transcendence of God.

* Tim does a great job of weaving together his knowledge of the Bible, his personal experiences, and his music in a manner that is riveting and moving. 

 * Tim was delightful and gentle, encouraging and wise.  Pointing to Christ with lyrics that opened our hearts to God!! 

 * Tim Quarberg is a good singer, a good songwriter and a good theologian.  I recommend him highly. 

 * Tim is a story-teller and a very gifted one. His ability to interpret our lives in his songs is telling of a great soul. 

 * Tim Quarberg has a unique way of weaving ‘story and song’ into a message of grace and peace. 

 * Tim came to our church as a guest preacher and left as a friend.  Through original poetry, songs and candid conversation, he touched hearts, drew us into conversation with God and expanded our faith imaginations.


Please contact Tim at tim@timquarberg.com.