It doesn't matter to me whether you are "spiritual," "religious," something in between, or nothing at all.  All that matters to me is that, whether you believe it or not, you are a sacred being, composed of stardust and infused with the magic and mystery of the creator of all things - and so is everyone else!

    I know it doesn't always feel that way, and I know that we all fall short of what we are created and called to be.  But I also know that nothing can snuff out that beautiful light within us, a light that can show us the way to joy and peace, within our own hearts and with others. 

    We can all use a little help to let that light shine in bigger and better ways. And that's what I hope to do through sharing my songs with you and others.

    A while back I had a dream.  As I was arriving at a church for a performance, I drove into the parking lot and asked someone where I should park.  His response was "Park Everywhere!" I decided to do just that, so I'm looking forward to coming to your home or your church soon! (just save a parking spot for me).



Here's what I offer: 

Keynote Concerts: A concert can be so much more interesting than a speech!  Tim's songs are well-suited for groups to hear and reflect upon matters of faith and life.  His lyrics give expression to issues of Vocation and the role of work in our lives, the meaning and power of Prayer, the various facets and expressions of Faith in everyday life, navigating change and living through transitions, learning to forgive, and growing in Faith, Hope and Love.

* Home Concerts: A memorable and meaningful evening at your own home with friends and family.  Tim's songs have been described as being intimate and straight from the heart.  They are particularly well-suited to an intimate setting among friends, old and new.  Plus, you will have an opportunity to talk with Tim and with each other about the songs and the thoughts and feelings to which they give rise.

* Worship: Tim has been playing music in churches since the age of 9 and loves to be a part of the people gathered for worship.  He has performed in many congregations over the last ten years and would be honored to visit your congregation to lead worship and preach (in poetry and song).

Legacy Songs: Who wouldn't want to have a song written about them?!  If you would like to give the gift of a song written especially for a special person on a special occasion, Tim will work with you to write a unique and personal song to be treasured as a portrait in words and music. 

Special Productions: Tim has written several contemporary cantatas re-presenting the biblical witness about the life and ministry of Jesus.  In "Messiah," "Christmas Comes Alive" and "Cross-Words" you will hear, in a new way, the story of Jesus of Nazareth from his birth to his death. Tim will work with musicians from your congregation or his own band to bring these productions to your congregation.

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Tim Quarberg in Concert

Underground Music Cafe, 408 3rd Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota


Tim Quarberg in Concert

Underground Music Cafe, 408 3rd Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnestoa


Tim Quarberg in Performance

The Tavern Lounge, 212 Division Street, Northfield, MN