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Tim Quarberg is a compellingly honest and heartfelt songwriter whose songs will lighten your spirit and refresh your soul. His songs give voice to a broad spectrum of human experience and form a bridge between the spiritual and material worlds.  Tim’s lyrics reflect both the joys and the struggles of life, weaving ancient wisdom and keen insight into songs that will move you to new and higher ground.  Tim writes (and sings) as one who has known the challenges of our age, a knowledge that is born partly from his own experience and partly from compassion for the experiences of others.

As a former pastor and a practicing attorney, Tim is well-acquainted with the many contours of life and living.  He has both seen and experienced the ways in which the beautiful fabric of our lives can become torn and tattered.  And, like most people, he has known the fulfillment of great hopes as well as the dashed dreams and disappointments that accompany life in this world.  More importantly, he has experienced the power of love and grace that is able to restore shattered hopes and broken hearts. 

If you would like to have Tim perform at your home, church, or event, or would like to commission a song for a person or a special event, please contact him at tim@timquarberg.com.


From the Stillwater Gazette

-October 12, 2007

While he has played guitar for about 40 years, Quarberg has only been writing songs for six years. Still, Quarberg said the lyrics hold more significance than the music. After hearing him talk about the title track, "Go Fly a Kite," that statement becomes evident.

"That song is about sort of rediscovering lost innocence. The song is about a guy, an adult, who feels like he lost something really core to him," he said. "I remember looking in the mirror, and saying, 'Who the hell is that? What have I done, you know? Where is the me, that's really me?' So that song is really about trying to reclaim, as an adult, that really essential part of myself."

Salvation and redemption are consistent themes throughout the album - Quarberg initially considered calling the album "Redemption."

"I'm not the first person to say this - I've never been interested in being religious. I do care about being faithful," he said. "I think being faithful is not really concerned about custom or tradition. It's concerned more about fulfilling a purpose."

One of his songs, "Ordained," was based off a previous conversation with a friend who had "hit a wall" in his personal life, Quarberg recalled. The friend was thinking about becoming an ordained member of the clergy and the lyrics deal with what the term "ordained" should mean.

In releasing his first CD, Quarberg said he has once again discovered part of himself that had forgotten, a dream that had simply been deferred.

"Dreams are something you can do, fantasies are something that you know you can't do," he said. "To me it was a fantasy, and then it became a dream. And then the dream came true."

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